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We Specialize in a Variety of Areas to keep Small Businesses Safe!
Go to Active System Monitoring

Active System Monitoring

To provide you with the most protection, we can monitor your systems for malicious activity that may go unnoticed by antivirus software.

Go to End Point Protection

End Point Protection

You will be protected from viruses, Trojans, ransomware, and other malware. We also provide full device encryption on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices!

Go to Patch Management

Patch Management

Most cyberattacks are tareted against systems that are not up to date (missing security patches). We make sure that your devices are up to date at all times!

Go to Email Security

Email Security

Most hackers gain unauthorized access to a device through email attachments. The attachments contain malicious software that runs on the victim’s computer. 91% of Cyber Attacks begin with an email!

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Our Mission is to allow Realtors to work freely without the fear of compromise, so they can focus on what matters most; putting families in their dream homes!
Cyber Security is Crucial to the Success of Your Business!

Cydrogen exists because we want to help Solve the Cyber Security crisis in the world. The world has an extreme shortage in Cyber Security personnel, particularly small businesses. Cyber Security is a difficult thing to obtain when you operate a small Real Estate business. We are here to change that.

Small businesses are not able to secure themselves from the attacks that are launched from very sophisticated hackers. After discovering this, we created Cydrogen. We want to help the small business owner build and maintain their Cyber Defenses. We are ready for these attacks and we would love to protect you from them!

Cyber Security is Cydrogen's specialty. Hydrogen is the Number 1 element in the periodic table. Now make Cydrogen the number one element in defending your systems and giving you peace of mind.

  • We check for all known vulnerabilities and help you patch them before they are discovered by criminals.

  • You will be Protected from Ransomware attacks like WannaCry.

  • If you do have a security breach, we will be there with you to make everything better!

  • 24 Hours 7 Days a Week! Security does not sleep!

How does Cydrogen provide World Class Cyber Security for Realtors?