Cybersecurity Anywhere gives you
piece of mind Everywhere!

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses just got a whole lot easier.  We offer Enterprise level Security at an amazing price.

Its simple to get started!

Cybersecurity may seem like a tough mountain to climb.

However, our Cybersecurity solution is easy to understand and simple to implement.  You will not have to climb mountains to protect your business and your data.  We will do it for you!


Active System Monitoring

Someone will always be monitoring your systems.  Today’s threats are advanced and increasingly difficult to discover using antivirus alone.


Endpoint Protection

This is the most basic, but most important part of your defense. Securing the devices that make up your organization. We provide the best endpoint protection the world has to offer!



Encryption is one of the best ways to keep your data confidential.  We use it to keep you safe in more than one way!

Email Security

Email Security

Email security is crucial to your business’ success and security.  95% of all attacks on enterprise networks are the result of successful spear phishing (Email Attack).

Cyber Knowledge

Cyber Knowledge

Education on cybersecurity topics is the best way to stop the most common attacks.  We want to teach you in quick interactive ways.


Security Anywhere

Today’s networks are not in one place. Employees may travel often and/or work from home. Cyber attackers do not care where you are. Neither do we! Our protection travels with you.

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses


Having an in-house security team is too expensive for most small businesses.  That’s why we are here! Our main focus is to provide Cybersecurity for Small Businesses.  We do not offer a watered down version of security.  We offer Department of Defense grade security. 

Security tailored to Small Companies

How do we gear Cybersecurity to Small Companies?  We know that small businesses may have employees that work from home. Meaning that devices will have to be secured in more than one location.  We also know that the cybersecurity budget may be tight or not existent. We will work with you, no matter how small your business is. 

Proven Principles

Our company is focused on the time-proven principles of Defense in Depth and Education.  People must know what to look out for to stay secure.  Cybersecurity is not an IT problem.  It is an EVERYONE problem.

Our Mission

Cydrogen’s mission is to secure America from Cyber threats.  99% of the businesses in the United States are Small Businesses.  Most of them have no cybersecurity at all.  That is why our mission is so important to us.

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