Our Mission

To secure small businesses from cyber threats near and far; thus, empowering the movement to work from anywhere.

So what is Cydrogen?  Cydrogen provides unmatched Cyber Security for Small Companies.  Examples of small companies include realtors, tech startups, law firms, accounting firms, marketing firms, and much more.  What separates us from the other guys is that we have a passion for securing small businesses.

Most small businesses do not have a large amount of money to set aside for cybersecurity purposes.  This often leads to cybersecurity being at the bottom of the to-do list, or worse, falling off the list completely.  However, cybersecurity is crucial to the success of any business.  Some small businesses have to go out of business due to a malicious hack.  We work tirelessly to protect small business owners, employees,  and entrepreneurs from malicious hackers.

Cydrogen CEO

Our Founding

Created by Cybersecurity Enthusiasts.


Cydrogen was created by Sean Witherspoon (left) and Paul Lin in 2017. They created Cydrogen because they noticed a gaping hole in the Cybersecurity realm. Large enterprises have in-house staff to secure their networks. Smaller companies normally have to rely on antivirus alone. Small Businesses account for over 96% of all jobs in the United States.

Knowing this, Paul and Sean founded Cydrogen. A company dedicated to securing what makes America so great, Small Businesses. Sean is the CEO of Cydrogen. Paul is the backbone. The guy who likes to stay in the shadows! They both have Masters Degrees in Cyber Security.

Our Culture

There is a football saying that culture eats talent for breakfast. We truly believe that here at Cydrogen. Helping people stay secure in cyberspace is a difficult task to undertake.  But we are up for the challenge and we will succeed!

Our Values

Integrity, Loyalty, Innovation, and Selflessness is at the forefront of everything we do.  Our clients can expect us to deliver all products and services with these core values.

Our employees can expect these core values from everyone in the organization. Every new employee will learn of our values and our mission as soon as they come aboard!

Our Beliefs

Our clients will be treated with the utmost respect and loyalty.  We believe in transparency.  People should have access to their data and know why a business performs certain actions with that data.

We believe every business should be secured from cyber threats so they can focus on changing the world for the better!