Cyber Security for Real Estate

We handle the security for you! Allowing you to work freely without the fear of compromise. So you can focus on what matters most, putting families in their dream homes!

Cyber Security for Realtors

So what is Cydrogen?  Cydrogen provides unmatched Cyber Security for Realtors.  What separates us from the other guys is that we have a focus on the Real Estate industry.   We work tirelessly to make the lives of realtors more secure.

Malware Protection

Next-Generation Protection with built-in Web Security. Protects against viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious software.

Patch Management
Malicious hackers attack devices that do not apply security fixes. We apply these fixes for you automatically, making it harder for an attacker to attack you.
Ransomware Protection
Protects against ransomware attacks where malicious hackers encrypt your device and holds your data for ransom. This advanced feature is very hard to find on the market!
Mobile Device Protection
Protects against viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious software on mobile devices.
Device Encryption
Device encryption protects the data on your device if it is ever lost or stolen. This ensures that the data on the device cannot be accessed by anyone who have found or stolen your device. This protects credit card information, social security numbers, and anything of value on the device. (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
Email Security

Most hackers gain unauthorized access to a device through email attachments. The attachments contain malicious software that runs on the victim’s computer. 91% of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email!

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Be secure on all networks! All of your device’s traffic will be encrypted. This includes web browsing, emails, and anything else you want to do. VPNs stop malicious hackers from stealing your data. This is a must for coffee shops and hotels! (Encrypt all your Internet traffic!)
Website Vulnerability Assessment
Websites may contain security flaws (vulnerabilities) that can be exploited by a hacker. We will attempt to discover these holes before the attacker does. After the vulnerabilities are discovered, we will work with you to fix them!
Penetration Testing
Do you want to know what a malicious hacker could do to your website? We will emulate an attack to test your defenses. When we find a chink in your armor, we will help you fix it!

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Cyber Security Insurance